52Pi New Version V2.02 IR Remote Control Switch Module for Raspberry Pi 2/3 Model B

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User Manual:

  • wiki.52pi.com/index.php/Power_Button_For_RPi_SKU:_EP-0077



  • As everyone at some point will recognize the Raspberry Pi doesn't include any kind of shutdown button.
  • So the whole procedure can be a bit annoying especially if you want to use the Raspberry as some kind of embedded PC. 
  • So the only way to power it off is by unplugging it from the power supply.
  • To make sure you get no corruption of your data files on the SD card you should shut down the Raspberry before powering it off.
  • e.g. a media server or an internet radio.
  • NOTE: There is new version: V2.02, using this method to setup the driver, Link is under below: 
  • https://github.com/geeekpi/RPB-HAT


Power Button provides a small circuit that includes the features:

  • Sending a shutdown signal to the Raspberry if the Shutdown Button is pressed
  • Waiting for the Raspberry to shut down
  • Powering off the Raspberry after save shutdown
  • Powering on the Raspberry after the Button is pressed again
  • LED light indicating the current state: On / Shutdown / Off
  • Easy to setup
  • Dimension:65mm x 30 mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 22.72g

Package Include:

ATTENTION: Raspberry Pi is not included

  • Switch Remote Control Module x1
  • IR Remote controller (without battery) x1

Change Log:

  • Updated MCU
  • Changed Layout
  • Changed Button
  • Optimized code


Mechanical Drawing:

  • V1.22 and V2.02 has the same Mechanical Drawing, means that they has the same size.
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