New arrival Banana PI R1 wireless Router Opensource development board, BPI R1 smart home control plate

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BPI-R1 Open-source router


1. BPI-R1 Opensource Router  Banana pi 
2. 1GB DDR3,5 Gigabit ethernet port 
3. support 1080P high definition video


If you need antenna and acrylic case, please kindly click below the link:


Product Overview

What is BPI-R1

Today, your router is running 7x24 for only one thing. What if it can do more? What if it can behave as a computer? BPi-R1 is the answer. It makes the router smarter. It is a new generation router that can simply replaces your current legacy one, and all of sudden, you can do much more with the router. You can develop, install Apps, play media, adding storage to the router, just like you do on any other computers, and you can catch and analyze traffic. This totally changes the way router works by turning a router to a computer.
The BPI- R1 is a 300Mbps Wireless N Router with both wired and wireless network connections designed specifically for smart home networking use. With 2T2R MIMO Technology and two detachable antennas, the R1 is the dual core Android 4.2 product which more better than Linux product. It can run with Android 4.2.2 smoothly and with Gigabit ethernet port, SATA Socket, it can easily run with the game and support 1080P high definition video output.

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