Banana Pi M1+ Plus BPI M1+ A20 Dual Core 1GB RAM On-board WiFi Open-Source SBC

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Banana Pi M1 A20 Dual Core Open Source Development Board Singel Board Computer
Banana PI BPI-M1+ is the open source hardware platform, Banana PI BPI-M1+ is the dual core Android 4.4 product which more better than the Raspberry Pi. Banana Pi BPI-M1+ series run Android, Debian linux, Ubuntu linux, Raspberry Pi imange and cubieboard image.
Banana PI BPI-M1+ hardware: 1Ghz ARM7 dual-core processor, 1GB DDR3 SDRAM, WIFI support onboard Banana PI BPI-M1+ with Gigabit ethernet port, SATA Socket. It can run with Android 4.4 smoothly.
The size of Banana PI BPI-M1+ like the credit card, it can easily run with the game it support 1080P high definition video output, the GPIO compatible with Raspberry Pi and can run raspbian image
  • CPU: A20 ARM Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core 1GHz (ARM v7 instruction set)
  • GPU: ARM Mali400MP2Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1(hardware acceleration support)
  • USB 2.0 Ports
  • MEMORY: 1GB DDR3 (shared with GPU)
  • LED: Power Key & RJ45
  • Power: 5V/2A via MicroUSB (DC in Only) and /or Micro USB (OTG)
  • PMU: AXP209
  • Allwinner Tech A20 SOC
  • SATA supported
  • 10/100/100 ethernet
  • Bilt-in HDMI Display interface
  • Fully Compatible with Raspberry  
Package Includes: 
  • 1pcs *Banana Pi M1+ Board
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