5 Inch 800*480 HDMI Touch Screen LCD Display+Acrylic Bracket for Raspberry Pi 3

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5 Inch 800*480 HDMI Resistive Touch Screen LCD Display+Acrylic Bracket for Banana Pi/PC/Raspberry Pi 2/3/B+

Android/Ubuntu/Debian/Beaglebone Black/Udoo/Compute Stick

This fantastic 5 inch HDMI LCD display with USB touch screen is compatible with almost all the operating systems on the market. Utilizing pre-existing Linux/Windows/Mac drivers, this 800 x 480 touch screen will help you hit the ground running. Resistive touch function gives the user full control over any device. It supports Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Android 4.2,Windows CE7, Ubuntu and Debian. With the built-in EDID device information, your equipment will get identified in no time. Meanwhile, its USB touch can fulfill the functions of the right mouse button and drag and drop.

With the special design power circuit for this display, it requires less than 150mA current to get it running with perfect performance. When you do not need the touch screen function, all you need is to plug a HDMI line to get it work. We have successfully run the tests on PC, laptop, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Udoo, Compute stick, SLR camera.

With the acrylic bracket we design for this display, it is so much convenient for you to work with the display. This display kit is perfect for all the makers.


Power:5V Power via USB Micro

Current: less than 150mA

Display Type:5 inch TFT LCD

Resolution: 800x480

Touchscreen: USB Resistive

Interface: HDMI & USB 2.0 Full Speed

Dimensions: 133mm x 76mm x 7mm

Net weight of display:120g


USB Resistive Touch Control

Plug and Play! No Driver Needed!

Compatible with Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, NOOBS with Raspberry Pi

Compatible with Debian, Angstrom with BeagleBone Black

Compatible with Windows/Ubuntu/Mac with PC

Intel-Processor Base MiniPC Supports

Ultra Low Power Consumption Backlight

Package Includes:

1*5 Inch HDMI Touch Screen Display

1*Black touch pen

1*Acrylic Bracket

Technology Support:

When you use this display with a Raspberry Pi, please edit config.txt to set the HDMI to the native 800x480 in case it doesn't detect the resolution properly. The easiest way to edit the config.txt is to put the Pi TF card into an everyday computer and edit config.txt with any text editor. Save it and it is ready to rock.

Please kindly refer to the last picture is to learn how to assemble the bracket for the display.

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